if we don’t help, who will?

First off, Thank you so much for all the birthday messages and love.
Second, Thank you to everyone who came to the event.
Third, VVeWalk has reached 10,000 hits in just 3 months!!! Yeeee

Though you should feel special everyday, birthdays are the one day where you get to commemorate another year of your life. This year I celebrated my 26th on the 26th and it couldn’t have been more golden ^_^_^

This year, I didn’t want to just “party”, but I wanted to celebrate one of the best things to happen to me this year which was VVeWalk.

After talking to my mom about what I should do, it was her idea to do a fundraiser for dogs. Thank u Umma!!! What better way to party than for a good poo-rpose? 🙂 This was very last minute so I did some research and was able to find Domo’s Friends.

Domo’s Friends is run by a lovely woman named Emily who rescues “last day dogs”. This means, if she doesn’t rescue them from the kill shelter, they will be put down the next day. She was able to save 19 dogs from being put to death (out of her own pocket) and we are trying to keep those numbers going!

So far, we have raised $1,500!!!! Real talk, I was blown away by how much everyone donated… $1,500 is nowhere near what I had in mind… Thank you so much :’)

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Thank you Lotte Wine for all the Santa Rita 120 and Made Seoul for the perfect venue
Thank you Hive Social Lab for the cutest photos and Jordan Nicholson for the amazing graphic and border design!

Thank you to Terrence Kim for gifting me with my first VVeWalk Merchandise… Hats, A hoodie, T-Shirt, socks, AND leggings… Look at how cute those socks are!! Another thank you to KRSP for the dad hat donations! I will work on getting merchandise on the site soon!

I know a lot of people have a hard time stomaching the sight of abused dogs, but this is the harsh reality of what it is. Here are some of the dogs that YOUR donations will be directly helping.


As you can see, this beautiful Doberman is severely emaciated… She is only fur and bones, but Domos Friends will be rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehousing her in Canada or the US. YOUR donation will help get this baby back in good health and also for her cargo fee to get her to a new home.


This is Laon. He was rescued from a high kill shelter and put into a foster home. He was mistreated in his foster home, fell off the roof, and broke his two front legs. YOUR donation will be helping go towards his surgery so he can run again.

These Shihtzu puppies are Oscar and Ivy. Oscar [left] is only a few months old and had a horrible eye infection. The shelter would not release him to Emily in due time, and his eye ruptured as a result. His left eye was surgically removed, only for him to have his right eye infected shortly after. Ivy has an umbilical hernia as well as cherry eyes. They will BOTH be traveling together and going to a Shihtzu rescue that specializes in dogs with problems and cruelty cases. YOUR donation will go towards their travel costs and a better future at their new rescue.

I have set up a VVeWalk PayPal account so please, if this has made you feel anything at all, I urge you to make a donation. Even if it’s not towards mine, maybe your local shelter. Any bit counts.

For now, the first (5) people that donate will receive a VVeWalk dad hat! Available colors as pictured above 🙂 [Sorry, Korea only for now or Seattle because there are friends here that can take them]  ❤

Donate with PayPal

There is a special unspoken connection shared between humans and dogs. I actually think my whole life I’ve been a puppy and VVeWalk has matured me into a dog lol. I feel my tail wag when I see people I love… my ears go up when I see other dogs, and I just want to cuddle all day lol.

Through the dogs I care for, whether it’s through walking, grooming, feeding, playing, I feel a different bond with each of my dogs. I see it and feel it in their eyes how thankful they are. These dogs are fortunate enough to feel love, but there are some that are not so much.

Puppy mills think of dogs as commodities and they breed sick puppies and sell them to people who have NO idea what living conditions they came from. There are amazing loving dogs that are being euthanized every single day and this will only become more prevalent especially if people continue to shop at puppy mills… ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!!!

Thanks always for your time.



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