just needs a little more pawtience

Vigorous, fearless, yet also wildly affectionate- I introduce to you Lori Yu, the 9 month old Miniature Pinscher. Her papa is also a very skilled music video director and visual artist for Dream Perfect Regime [DPR]. (<-you should watch that vid).

활발하고, 용감한 그리고 애정다감한 유로리 (9개월 미니핀쳐) 를 소개합니다. 로리의 아빠도 저번 포스트처럼 실력있는 DPR 팀에있는 뮤직비디오 감독/ 비쥬얼 아티스트 입니다.

Do not be fooled – she is a babyface killa and her jumbo ears are adorable but she’s not as innocent as she seems. Though ‘mini pins’ are petite in stature, they are NOT meant to be lapdogs. The word Pinscher in German refers to this dog’s innate talent for hunting vermin.

이 애기얼굴과 귀여운 귀 때문에 속지 마세요. 미니핀들은 사이즈가 작지만 그들은 lapdog 운영이 되지 않습니다. “PINSCHER” 라는 단어는 독일어로 “사냥하는 개” 라는 뜻 입니다.

Lori is a skilled escape artist and her curious nature can lead her to very dangerous situations. She just very nonchalantly tries to jump off the 3rd story wall of my house, jumps through closing doors/gates/elevators if she sees something moving, you get the gist. lol.

로리는 탈출을 잘 하고 호기심이 많아서 위험한 상황을 종종 만들어요. 로리는 아무렇치도 않게 제 집, 3층에서 뛰어 내리려고 하죠.

I think I find it hard to balance between being a walker/trainer and being a mother(?).  I guess that’s what you call a woman’s instincts. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I lose my cool and I know she feels my frustration. but PATIENCE, VIV, PAWWWTTIENNCEE. It’d be easier to just spoil her, let her drag me, but I’ve learned a disciplined dog is a happy dog. Most people think that love is all you need, but discipline is equally as important.

저는 트레이너•워커 와 엄마의 마음 사이에서 밸런츠를 찾기가 좀 어려워요. 그게 여자의 본능이겠죠? 솔직히 어쩔때는 짜증도 내고 로리도 분명히 느끼고 있을 거에요. 차라리 로리를 하고싶은데로 하게 방치를 해버리면 더 쉽겠지만, 저는 훈련이 되어 있는 개는 더 행복한 개라고 생각해요. 사람들은 사랑만 줘야한다고 생각하는데, 훈련은 그만큼 중요합니다.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
lil’ spoon big spoon

Our walks require a lot of …..werkwerkwerkwerkwerk. *RiRi voice* The first time, I was trippin over her, steppin on her paws, runnin into people cuz she cannot walk straight. But I will stop every.single.time. (unless theres cars) she starts to drag me to let her know she can’t get away with that. Though she probably gets frustrated at me too, after our walks, she just wants to cuddle and be spooned and luckily for her, I like that too. 🙂 She’s a sweety bear and I do melt when she hits me with the puppy eyes.

저희가 산책할땐 참 많은 “Work work work work work” 이 필요합니다.. (리한나 목소리로) 처음에는 로리가 너무 제멋대로여서 제가 막 넘어지고, 얘 발톱을 실수로 밟고, 사람들과 부딪히고 난리도 아니였습니다. 하지만  로리한테 또끌려다니면 바로 멈추고, 그런 버릇을 고치려고 로리도 노력합니다. 로리도 저한테 서운하겠지만 얘는운동후에 바로 나한테 안겨있는 걸 좋아해요. 장난꾸러기 로리한게 정이 갈수밖에 없어요

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  1. Sung Eun Kettler 7월 7, 2016 — 4:13 오후

    Yep! I used “Be a tree” method too, with Kiwi 😀
    Giving tiny cut up treats generously while walking helps too.. Helps make more eye contact and dog will pay more attention to which way you are going..

    Liked by 1명

  2. Min pins are the best! But so mischievous. Mine learned how to open zippered pockets…in addition to jumping over everything so beware! I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next one.


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