it’s not just my job, it’s my doody

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York I introduce to you, Miü Miü and Rambo!!

부르클린 뉴욕에서 태어난 뮤뮤 와 람보 소개합니다!!

Miü Miü is a 5 year old chihuahua (white) and Rambo (black) is a 9 year old Mini Pin.
Their papa is an extremely talented music video producer as well as CEO of streetwear brand, KRSP. With a busy life like that, he was in need of VVeWalk services 🙂

뮤뮤는 5살 치와와 그리고 람보는 9살 미니핀입니다.
강아지 아빠는 엄청 실력있는 뮤직비디오 감독이자 KRSP라는 스트릿웨어 브랜드의 CEO에요.

I’ve known Miü and Rambo for about a year now so I thought their walks would be fairly easy. Now, I’ll be honest. Yes, every job has it’s pros and cons…and most people don’t have to pick up poo as often as I do. There were times I felt discouraged and questioned what I’m doing but I realized how much happier I am and I’d much rather pick up shit than deal with people’s bullshit 🙂

제가 뮤뮤랑 람보를 1년동안 알아서 당연히 걷는게 편할줄 알았어요.. 솔직히 모든 일에 다 장단점이 있듯이… 아마 그 누구도 나만큼 똥을 많이 픽업하는 사람은 없을거에요…ㅋㅋㅋ
그래서 어쩔때는 되게 포기하고싶었어요. 그렇지만 생각해보면 지금 인생이 넘나 행복하고 사람들 “bullshit”을 상대하느니 맘편히 “개똥” 치우는게 백번 낫죠 ㅎㅎ

I quickly came to learn that just as each dog is unique, so are their poos. Rambo turned out to be a 4 time pooping Yogi master!!!! the poosition is pretty impressive, ok but like really dude…4 times?!!?! I actually don’t mind picking it up so much anymore, but it hurts my heart more to waste so many doodoo bags 😥 On the plus side tho, we’ve made some progress and he keeps it to 2 🙂

모든개에 성격다른데로 똥도다릅니다. 람보는 4번싸는 요가 마스토에요! ㅋㅋㅋ 똥 포지션이 멋진건 알겠는데 그래도 4번은….응!!!??? 이똥을 줏는게 문제가 아니라 똥봉지를 4개 쓰는게 마음에 걸렸어요 ㅠㅠㅎㅎ. 하지만 이제는 2번만가요 ^^

Miü is a cuddly sweety baby and loves to be held. She only walks on the left side and though she is small, she is sasha fierce. Even if cars are coming, she refuses to move or be dragged. She stands her ground for all the independent chihuahuas out there.  She’s quite the seductress, and here’s her working her magic on Kohh ~

뮤뮤는 엄청 순하고 안겨 있는걸 좋아해요. 얘는 왼쪽에서만 걷고 쪼끔하지만 비욘세처럼 fierce 해요! 차가와도 비켜주지 않을정도로 고집도 쎄고 도도하답니다. 넘나 치명적인 뮤뮤와 일본에서 핫한래퍼 KOHH입니다.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

One of the most important things I learned about this is energy.
Dogs react to the energy you project and pick up on it right away. Especially if you’re not their owner, or have a treat in your hand, I find it harder to get them to respond when I’m out with them.
Before each session, I take some deep breaths and woosah before anytime I meet my dogs. I walk with my head up high, confident, and they learn to trust me as a leader after each walk we go on.

되게 중요한 점은 본인의 에너지입니다. 개들은 그 에너지를 바로알개되요. 특히 제가 주인도 아니고, 간식도 없다면 개가 리스펙트를 안준답니다. 그래서 모든개들 만나기전에 깊은 숨쉬고 갑니다. 머리를 꼿꼿히 쳐들고, 어깨넓게벌리고, 자신있게 보이면 개도 믿게됩니다.

Here is what I’ll be working on with them through our sessions:

제가 훌련해야하는 부분:

Miu : needs work on being more social
Rambo: needs work on not pulling on leash so much and refusing to walk at times

뮤뮤: 다른개와 불편함없고 사회생활좀 잘하도록
람보 : 끈을 당기지않게

Sorry for the poo puns and thanks again if you’ve made it through 🙂 xx
More dogs to come ~

여기까지 읽으신붕 대단히 감사드려요^_^ 똥애기 많아서 미안해요 ㅎㅎ


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  1. You’re doing a poofect job!! 😂😂👍👍


  2. Yea.. It is very annoying when they want to poo more than once.. I was cursing when I was walking Kiwi and my neighbor’s dog (my neighbors only give love and no walks so I take her with Kiwi..) and both of them pooped 2-3 times each lol


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